Cross Arms-Valve Seat & Spring

The Cross Arms Valve is a 4-Web Center Guided Valve System. This Valve has a replaceable Insert that is retained by a screw on plate with hammer lugs. Available in heavy duty standard temperature and high temperature versions.

Oxide coated to fight corrosion while in storage. Available with standard API seats and “modified” API seats. 

Design Benefits:

Ø   Large metal-to-metal seat bearing area, longer wear life for metal wear areas
Ø   4-Web Seat Design Maximizes Bearing Area and makes Seat Pulling easier
Ø   This stem guided valve and seat assembly weightless and provides a reasonable value at an economical price. 
Operating Temperature:
Ø  Standard Insert – Temperature Up to 160°F (71°C) 
Ø  High temperature (HC) Insert - 200°F (93°C)


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