Hardened Liner

Premium Hardened Liner the same outer hull in lieu of sleeve to a maximum thickness. It is then machined and polished to a mirror finish.
•   Single high strength forged steel hull construction.
•   Inner bore is nitro carburized and quenched to reach hardness of 60 RC.
•   Corrosion resistance, free deformation.
Premium can make the following brand pump liners and more:
Emsco National Oilwell Ideco
D300 N1000-1600 6P-HD MM300
D500 K380 8P-HD MM500/500F
D550 K500 610P MM700/700F
D700 K500A 212P MM600/600F
D375 K700A 214P/14P MM200
  C150/C150B 218P MM300
  C250 18P  
Gaso Gardner Denver Gardner Denver Ellis Williams
1563 5" x 6" FG FXG 7.5” x 8” FY FXX 15W600
1740-55 5" x 8" FD FXX 7.25" x 12" FZ FXZ 19W1000
2651 5.5" x 8" FD FXX 7.25" x 14" FXN  
2652 FC-FXX/FC-FXD 7.25" x 14" FK FXK  
  5" x 10" FD FXD FQ-FXQ  
  5.5" x 10" FD FXD 7.25" x 10" FO FXO  
  7.5" x 10" FY FXD 4.5" x 6" FG FXG  
Drillmec Russian Gardner Denver  
10D2C NB125 4x5 TEE Triplex  
8D1S NB80 5-1/2x5 THE Triplex  
  NB50 5x8 PAH Triplex  
  NB32 PJ-8  



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